Monday, June 15, 2009

ineedtocreate. An Introduction

Welcome to "i need to create".

Hi, I'm Steve Supple, and it is my hope that the things I continue to learn about discovering, developing and sustaining personal creativity will be useful to you, as it has been for me.

Have you ever said to yourself: 'I need to create'!

Or: I need to make things, I need to write music, I need to be a designer, I need to invent something new.

Then this podcast is made just for you.

I believe we are all born creative. But for many of us, the urge to create is strong. That desire to create never goes away. It may sleep but it never dies.

Here are just a few of the subjects I will covering:

• Am I really a creative soul?

• Indentifying your create strengths.

• Working our your create goals.

• Having great ideas.

• Pursuing a creative career.

• Balancing your creative life.

• Understanding the creative process.

• Effective creative communication.

• Becoming an innovator.

• and a lot more!

I will be talking about many of these things from my personal experiences, observations, thoughts and research. I have collected hundreds of quotes from creative professionals from artists, musicians, designers, scientists, movie directors and media people.

My motivation for making these podcasts is because I have seen so much creative potential go to waste, for a number of reasons. So many people I have known that loved to draw or play the guitar, yet at some point they just stopped. And become truck drivers, factory workers or prison guards.

The media often has stories of actors or musicians who could have had wonderfully forfiling careers, but end up throwing it away because they didn't have the perspective to keep it going.

What will be on the Web site?

• I hope to have show notes posted on the wed site ( or at least summaries of each show, so you can read them at your leasure).

• I hope to also have all the creative quotes I have collected over the years on the site so you can have a ready source of inspiration any time you need it.

• I will have a blog page so we can have a two way conversation going. You can post questions or comments (constructive critisum from you is also welcome).

• I will have also have an extensive "Creative goals" questionaire you can read online or down-load so you can discover your creative aspirations.

• I will include info-maps and diagrams which (I hope) will help you see the interacting areas of your creative personality.

• I would like to include some cartoons of a few creative guys that want to be heard as well.

I intent that these podcasts be as useful and practical as possible. I want you to get as much out of them as possible.

I hope to make each show about 15 to 20 minutes long. And have at least 1 new show each week.

Above all, I know you need to create. And I know I want to help you to create again. To experience that child like flow of create expression. And to help you become a creative professional. Someone who loves the freedom and possibilities that a creative field of choice can provide.

These podcasts are about you and your create development.

So what is creative development I hear you ask?

Firstly, it is about YOU as a creative person. Creative development is not just about becoming better at a particular learned skill. It is more than impoving your creative abilities. It is about combining all that is needed to become the most creative person that you can be. It's about recognising and achieving your creative potential. Creative development is the journey in that direction. To use a metaphor: It's more than learning the techniques of driving a car, it's about knowing what destination you are interested in getting to and finding the right vehicles to get you there.

• It's primarily a personal journey, but does include your role as a professional creative person.

• It's about creating yourself. Turning the design process on our selves.

• It's about content creation, not just learning technical skills. More about 'why' than just how.

• It's about understanding that creative process.

• How to recognise problems and define them, so a creative solution can be found?

• What are creative opportunities? How do you seek and find them?

• What are the needs of people? Have they a need for something new?

• Can something that already exists be made available to them? Is there a service that they will use?

•What are your interests, talents, personal highlights, view of the world etc.?

•What could your life's work or life's theme be? How do you design a purpose or role for life?

•How do you plan a sustanable creative future?

•What are the things that block or hinder creativity?

• How can creative communication be used as content? And how do audiances respond to it?

• What is Creative balance? What are it's benefits in regard to your developing creativity?

• What advice can creative people of the past centuries give about what fostered their achievments?

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