Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A comedian exaggerates what he gives and misunderstands what is gets.


I'm sure a lot of comedians are very sensitive to the human failings they see around them everyday. They see the slip ups, the insecurities & the strange things that can happen when people attempt to communicate & interact with each other.
All you have to do is read or watch the news to see the things people get themselves into.
A comedian must have an internal lie detector. –They can smell something's off before anyone else says anything.
They see the exaggerations and the misunderstandings. So many of these observations can make there way into their work. Their characters and stories explore & exposes the tendency for the average person to exaggerate what they have achieved & understand. But at the same time, they misunderstand what is really going on around them.
So play with exaggeration & misunderstand. Give your characters delusions of grandeur but give them a blindfold as well.

(For the comedy & Comedians series)
Note: I'm not a Comedian but I wanted to understand what makes good comedy work. So I hope this will help inspire aspiring comedians (& communicators) to develop this very creative craft.
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