Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A comedian is someone who gets payed to have people laugh at his own expense.


There are few professions where you can be payed to have people laugh at you. But in a good way of course. There seems to be two areas of comedy. One where the intent is to have the audience laugh at the adventures of the comedian, or laugh at the things other people do. Political satire does this a lot.
I thinks that a comedian that is happy to divide the focus between his life and the lives of others, had gotta have a lot more material to work with. Assuming you know yourself better than you know anyone or anything else, comedy is mostly about you, –Your life, what bothers you, the observations you make & the things that affect you.
Show them how human you are.
Let them laugh at you and let them laugh with you.

(For the comedy & Comedians series)
Note: I'm not a Comedian but I wanted to understand what makes good comedy work. So I hope this will help inspire aspiring comedians (& communicators) to develop this very creative craft.
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