Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great Twitter lists descriptions from people who I've inspired.

People on Twitter have put me on 233 follow lists. Here are the great descriptions their have written for those lists. I feel very honoured to be inspiring people so much.


•People who encourage the world to think out of the box.
•People who are shaping the face of modern media on the web, tv, art, music, design, radio etc.
•Famous people who passionate about creativity & inspiration and creative ideas.
•Thought leaders in making "ideas" and "creativity" a reality.
•People interested in creativity.
•creative inspiration, innovative ideas.
•Inspiring Creatives: artists, writers, photographers, thinkers, teachers...
•Creativity research.
•People I have been blessed to connect with in the twitterverse
•Ever so much more than "Teachers".
•inspiring thoughts, coaches, events, & other creativity fodder.
•Creative Tweeps, the kind who make things that didn't exist before.
•Fellow treasured travelers of the creative path.
•The art and science of creativity and idea generation. Inspire me!
•So who are the real "Gifted"? This eclectic list.
•Creativity, Psychology of Creativity and those who write about the writing life.
•Some of the greatest minds in writing, editing, publishing and more!
•Thoughts on and about life. Inspirational. Motivational. Sensational.

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