Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A comedian is a mime artist who forgets to stay quiet.


If you ever watched a scene in a movie and the character is not talking but is trying to do something. There might be some background noise or music, but the character is doing most of the communicating through expressions and actions. Then he hears an unexpected sound, the character stop. He's realises something just happened that he didn't want or expect. 
You laugh but it also builds the expense. Then the character speaks. I cry of desperation that is designed to emphasis his growing frustration, building the tension in the audience. Then, as the final moment, that tension is released, –The audience fall off their seats.
That shows that comedy is a visual language as much as a way of talking.
And sound, then used sparingly, adds to the comedy. The comedian knows that NOT talking can be just as funny as talking. They use their face, their body language and things around them to tell the story. Words are a comedians best friend but silence, is his silent partner.

(For the comedy & Comedians series)
Note: I'm not a Comedian but I wanted to understand what makes good comedy work. So I hope this will help inspire aspiring comedians (& communicators) to develop this very creative craft.
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