Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A fractured soul is the inner child left behind. A comedian is someone who left behind his inner adult.


There's a concept that states that if a child suffers a traumatic event, then part of that child's personality fractures away from the rest. That separated part doesn't develop with the rest of the person. Part of them still has the same needs as a child, even though the person has grown into an adult.
I suspect that a comedian is the opposite. He left behind his inner adult. That part of him that was meant to grow into a 'normal', responsible adult.
A comedian seems to possess a child like wonder about the world. They show that personal vulnerability & social sensitivity you see in many comedians.
He's the Man-Child. The big kid. The prankster. The one that's always kidding around. The guy that never grew up.
They ran ahead of the adult they were 'supposed to be'. But we love them for it.
And because of the childhoods some people have had, many comedians are probably living out the childhood they were meant to have.

(For the comedy & Comedians series)
Note: I'm not a Comedian but I wanted to understand what makes good comedy work. So I hope this will help inspire aspiring comedians (& communicators) to develop this very creative craft.
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