Sunday, May 29, 2011

What everyone's looking for


If there is one thing that seems to connect everybody, it's that they have the same desire, the same need, the same want, the same longing, to be justified, accepted or validated; To feel what what they have inside them, can be expressed and it can be noticed, appreciated and admired.
So many people feel that they've started working for a boss but not really enjoying the job and not really feeling that what they're doing with their life has any great meaning or purpose and this is what I'm really trying to change.
I really want people to know that they do have potential in them to do something unique. To do something personally meaningful and that they can express something that is creative and wonderful to them. Something that is incredibly enjoyable. Something that they want to do, and yet many people are just so distracted by all the things around them.
All the things outside of them and too often not looking inside themselves and seeing what's happening there and seeing the potential they have.  That they have so much to offer.
This exploring starts inside you. 80% of the process of finding what your truest expression is, comes from taking a look at those things that should be important to you. Your daydreams & the night dreams you have. Your personality, your talents, your interests, your passions & concerns.
Those little things that you may ignore and discount as just silly, are all important. They're all signpost to your ideal future.

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