Saturday, April 2, 2011

Creative courage begins when you fear mediocrity.


Courage is seen as a strength, but often it can be just avoiding the things we fear.
Those things we want no part of. For me, it's the fear of Mediocrity. The fear of just being average. Of being just like a lot of people I've meet or worked with. The one's that want a safe, predictable life but always fear they will loose their job.
Mediocrity doesn't think for itself. It wants to look better than the next guy, by making you look bad. It has a standard pattern of responses to everything. It complains endlessly about who got more crumbs than them & why they should get more. They want to be defined by the way they look rather by what they do. Mediocrity hopes for a more comfortable version of average.
These are the things that I'm afraid of. I don't want to be that. I want to be more, even if I have to rely on myself more. Instead of relying on being liked for beginning more alike.
Mediocrity is average, average is predictable, predictable is boring. I want life to be full of surprises. I want to surprise myself sometimes. I want to be surprised by unexpected success in every area of my life.

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