Friday, April 15, 2011

Every story is a journey, every face a story.


To a storyteller, every story is a journey. To a journalist, every face has a story.
We live in a world that has changed so much since the early storytellers sat at the campfires and told their family about the days hunt, or old story passed down from earlier generations.
But the power of a story hasn't changed, and the basic components of a good story haven't changes either. So the modern day storytellers haven't changed too much. The way we tell and receive stories have become more sophisticated, but the need to tell them & receive them hasn't changed. People are inherently curious about other places and people. We love the ways a storyteller takes his audience on a journey they haven't taken and to be introduced to people we haven't met.
We are transported and introduced to the world. I remember watching TV one day, and later counting that I had 'visited' seven regions of the world, thought seven documentaries (Some of them being Docu-dramas about animals). I endured the long winter with Emperor Penguins. I visited archaeological ruins of places I never heard of before. I was told the story of these places. Why they flourished and what were their challenges. I learnt something about their journeys & the stories that went with the faces.

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