Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You must give yourself permission to be creative.


We never think to give ourselves permission to be creative. We think its just something we do in our spare time. Something we try and do, only if we have done everything else. Something we do when no one wants as to do something.
We all function differently; some are task/time orientated. Some are more people/needs orientated. Either way, the expectations & responsibilities of daily life can make it seem impossible to have a more creative life.
We can find it so difficult to find enough creative time because we give everything a higher priority. There are things that are voluntary as well. There are things we feel we should enjoy, like leisure, relaxation or entertainment. We give ourselves permission to do those things because we believe we need or deserve it.
We feel a need to be creative but we don't always believe we deserve to enjoy it. Particularly if people in your past have made you feel a little guilty for the time you had spent in creative activity. Particularly the task/time people. It you didn't say to yourself that you should be doing other things, I guarantee there has been others who have said it to you: "You need to get going". "You'll run late". "I thought you was going to help me".
We're trained to expect too much from ourselves because others have expected too much from us.
So, give yourself permission to create. Give yourself time to be creative. Give yourself permission to loose track of time. Give yourself permission to do creative things. Not to finish quickly or do it as it 'should be', but just for the pure joy of doing it.

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