Sunday, April 10, 2011

We have many truly great thinkers from history. But they would prefer we share our own thoughts.


f you ever read books about great people from history. Or read quotes from them, you would have been impressed with their insight and wisdom. For this reason we like to quote them.
People aren't always famous because of what they said, but by what they had accomplished. That is that impresses us. That is often what inspires us to read about them.
I notice that a lot people today are quoting these historical figures. In there own books and online. But what would these historical figures encourage us to do? I would suggest they prefer we think for ourselves, because that is what many of them did. They probably had an opinion on almost everything (like we do). But they often confined their opinions to their subject choices.
There isn't any reason why everyone can't have an opinion or point of view that others would be interested in. But people don't express constructive opinions because they don't believe they have any. And that's because they haven't focused on a subject they're intensely interested in. Or they don't have the confidence to share that interest with others. Or maybe they're afraid people will steal their ideas.
Taking quotes from famous (successful) people is the same as taking ideas from anyone. But ideas and opinions are meant to be shared. Thats what makes people successful. Even the secret genius will never be remembered, because he didn't share what he thought.
My encouragement; If you have a subject that you want to be known for, begin to share your opinions. If you do it enough, maybe people will be quoting you in the future. But I hope you will encourage them to trust what they think too.

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