Thursday, April 14, 2011

Your inner creative voice speaks to you. The inner critic tends to interrupt.


You inner creative voice has lots of ways to speak to you. Through connective thoughts, daydreams, imagination, night dreams and remembrances. This 'voice' actually uses words, images and moving pictures to convey messages to our conscious mind. It's very efficient in the way it times & sends these messages. If one line of communication is busy or ignores, it will try another line. If you're busy, it will try and get your attention some other way.
Unfortunately, most people become very good at ignoring all messages,(even though most of the messages never stop coming). Daydreams seem to be the most efficient way to get the attention of the conscious mind for any length of time. Even if the person just dismisses the daydream as wishful thinking, unrealistic or just plain silly.
Many of us also have an inner critic that can become very good at screening these messages. Like having your grandma as a secretary. She will look at the message and say, "You might get hurt if you try that". Or "Better safe than sorry". Or if she is having a really bad day, she might say, "Don't be so stupid, who do you think you are?"
So, your inner critic may be just trying to protect you from risk. Her motto is, "You need to survive, don't draw attention to yourself & look out for number one".
But creativity is about trying new things. New things require some risk, and risk is part of the package if you want the good things as well.
One moment please, you have a new message…

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