Friday, April 1, 2011

"COUUURAGE, YARRRRHH" Ah, I feel better now.


Creativity is another word for courage.
I can understand that, because a creative person who attempts untried things on a regular basis, wouldn't do it if he didn't have some courage. Particularly if he's sensitive to things around him and in him, like many creative people are.
What is considered courageous? The willingness to fight for an idea despite your fears. Doing something you haven't done before. Doing something no one has done before. Proceeding despite getting hurt or being hurt in the past. Risking the resources that an untried project requires. Facing the prospect people won't encourage or understand what you're trying to do. Or just believing that you may not have what it takes to make it a reality.
The important thing to remember is, most of these things are imagined fears. Often the opposite things happen; You idea will be accepted somewhere, You will learn a lot in the process. Your investment in time, money & resources have a better chance of paying off, than if you just did the safe thing. If you share your enthusiasm about your vision with others, some will want to help you.
No one knows their own future but those who have the courage to create the future they want, will most likely enjoy just that.

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