Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creative heros followed their ideas into unknown territory.


We all start off with an idea worth exploring. Over the years we realise that these ideas almost always lead to things that weren't planned. A lot of happy accidents, unexpected results and serendipity.
But almost always, those ideas lead us into unknown territory. This isn't a place that most people are prepared to go. It wasn't part of the plan. It requires knowledge, skills, effort & time that wasn't budgeted for.
This is often the point where people are tempted to abandon an idea, even if they believe it had some potential. But like all good ideas; they're not the easy option.
Those creative heroes that did achieve great things, where prepared to follow their ideas where ever they would lead, because they showed a glimpse of promise. A promise of something better. I theory that had to be tested, no matter if the theory was accurate or not. They knew that an interesting but unintended result was as good as the result first imagined. Imagination is so important, but sometimes it's the things they didn't imagine that became their biggest ideas.

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