Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Which are you... Performer? Image maker? Music maker? Or Story Teller?


There's probably about 14,000 different job descriptions out there. Any one of those will suit you perfectly. Even if you use the process of elimination, you can spent a long time figuring out which is the best for you.
That sounds like a lot of work so I'm just going to focus on just four general areas: Performer, Image maker, Music maker & story teller.
There is some overlap with these terms, but they are distinct enough to point you in the direction that will best suit you best.
A performer is anyone who does something before an audience (For the sake of this article, is not a musician).
An image maker is anyone who create images, be it still or motion graphics.
A Music maker is anyone who creates, plays or sings music. (That isn't primarily a sound technician).
And a Storyteller is anyone who creates and presents stories live or in a recorded form.
Each of these four categories contain a lot of different types of work.
You may well fall into one category quite easily, but becoming highly creative in your area of interest or expertise, you need to combine two or more of these areas.
For example; An image maker can create works that are far more meaningful for the audience if the image contained text that helps to convey a message or story.
Obviously a lot of music includes voice, but a song doesn't always have a clear story.
Even when a song is part of a music video (image making), it seldom provides any visual support for a story.
So if you are a performer, Image maker or music maker, become a Story teller as well.
If you are a Performer (like a Comedian), include visual elements so what you'll be more memorable.
Play with all the wonderful combinations, so that your creativity & your career will become more than any one form can do alone.
The most successful people have always been the best Story Tellers. What is your story?
And how are you going to express it?

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