Thursday, April 7, 2011

Negative creativity: Creating reasons not to create regularly.


"I wish I could find the time to create".
Have you ever said that. I have many times, but I don't say that as much as I used to. And not because I have more time now. I just decided that its one of my main priorities now.
People tend to put create time into the, "When I've finished everything else, then I'll start that project". What they don't realise, they have just made it their lowest priority. They're waiting until they have nothing else to do. Of course, that hardly ever happens. And when there is nothing urgent to do, then it's relaxation time. "After all, I deserve it". This is what Negative Creativity is. You create reasons not to create what you actually love doing, but fear or subtle guilt tries to justify the endless delay.
We can also let the world create extra resistance for us as well. Some one asks us to help out with something and we say yes. Then we say yes to the next thing, and so on it goes.
Sometimes its as easy as turning on the TV, or checking your phone.
You may still think that you don't have the time to create like you used to, but you have 168 hours a week, just like everyone else that ever lived. All those great innovator had jobs and families. They didn't have a lot of the modern (time saving) conveniences that you have. But they structured their life so they could have daily or regular times specifically set aside for the work that fascinated them.
Your time is very valuable. Its the stuff of life.

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