Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ownership equals Choice. Be a content creator & you own the content.


When I as a young designer, I was focused on getting all the techniques right. I read the how-to magazines and the software manuals. If I didn't know how to do something, I would find out. I enjoyed leaning how to do new things. Everyone I knew was doing pretty much the same thing. When ever I talked to other designers, that was the things we talked about.
But I became aware that just knowing HOW to do something wasn't enough.
I knew I didn't own the design, I didn't own any of it. All I had were the printouts of the work for my portfolio.
The clients would give great feedback, so I knew my designs were doing the job. But I wanted to own what I did. I wanted to create things that were from me, and I could choose where, when and why they were used.
I didn't want to just be technically skilled. Learning new skills are very important, but I also wanted to be a Content Creator. Like a Songwriter or a Painter or a maker of wonderful things. Something I could put my name to.
So I discovered the concept that; 'Ownership equals choice'.
So being a Content Creator gives you a lot more choices that you wouldn't have otherwise.
Choice is a freedom. Freedom to decide which direction your life should take. What projects to pursue, what times to work & how you want your work to be used.
There's nothing wrong with working for others, but if you want more creative freedom to choose what projects interest you, then you need to focus on YOUR content. What do you want to express? What medium do you want to use to say those things that are important to you?
If you want to have more creative control of what you do, you need to be more than skilled, you need to create your own content.

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