Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An artist is a creation formed in the imagination of your childhood.

There are many things that shape us into the adult we become. Our family background, our cultural or national history, our education, our work history, our local environment, major events in our past.
They all play their part, but these are all external factors. There are the internal factors as well. Often unseen and often ignored for a while, but as powerful in shaping who you are as much as anything else.
When we are young, we spend much of our play time exploring what it would be like to be someone when we grow up. We imagine being famous, heroic or a professional person. We begin as Playfessionals.
We try on these roles like a big coat. We imagine what our ideal work will be.
Some kids take their imaginations more seriously than others. They know what they want to be when they grow up.
They imagine how it feels, what that life would looks like, and what they will do. It becomes the purpose of the adult to live up to that image formed in their younger self.
This ability to imagine your ideal future is very powerful. Many successful people became what they wanted to be because they could see it clearly, long before it actually happened.

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