Monday, March 28, 2011

You don't really expect to get it, if you resent people who already got it.


It's interesting to listen to people talking about rich, famous or successful people. Especially hearing there theories on what they must have done to get where they are. Some say they are just lucky. Or had the right education, had family connections, must have been the boys club, must have lied & cheated their way to the top, must have been power hungry or greedy, must have stolen that idea, must have ripped people off, must have made a secret deal, or must have squashed the competition.
In all these theories, they assume that the person didn't deserve to be successful on a professional level for some reason. So they resent the fact that those people made it & they haven't.
But everyone hopes to find success in their life. They probably want the same things for themselves.
If you believe that success isn't deserved by people who have it, then how can you expect to be successful yourself?
The truth is, a lot of successful people got to where they are through years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication to their role in life. You can too.

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