Thursday, March 17, 2011

So many of the worlds children are victims of an early adulthood.


It's hard to imagine from a western perspective how quickly many childhoods are finished before they are even a teenager. So many children have to work to survive. Carry wood, carry water or carry rubbish just so they have a chance to have their one meal for the day.
So many get married off early, or have to work in factories or on farms. They are lucky if they get to go to school for a few years. They are victims of an early adulthood.
It's generally not as bad in advanced economies but that doesn't mean that kids don't get to be kids.
There are many kids that don't have time to play. Meaning that they can't explore roles that they might love. Some get a part time job after school, and end up leaving school early.
Every child that stays in school is a child that will be more prepared for a life as an adult. And they can be more prepared to look after the next generation.
You may not have been prepared for adulthood either, but you can prepared yourself for the next stage of your adult life. Stay in the school of life. Stay curious. Learn what interests you. Become an expert in one area. Even if you dropped out of school, you don't have to drop out in life.

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