Thursday, March 3, 2011

Childhood was too short. -It wasn't enough time to perfect my art.

If you were to ask anyone what they loved to do when they were about 12 years old, you would get some interesting answers.
They might of loved drawing, making things or designing fantastic worlds, all just for the pleasure of it.
They might even became very good at what they did, compared to other kids their age.
But often, something happened that made them abandon what they love to do. Without listing all the possible internal & external events that made them divert their attention to other things, for one reason or another, they just stopped.
Fast forward twenty or thirty years, that same person finds that he isn't particularly proud for any of his resent accomplishments. He probably can't remember the last time he worked at something he really loved working on.
I've known a lot of people like this. They played music, but not they are a truck driver. Or they loved to paint but not they work in a government department somewhere. They don't even do what they love to do in their spare time. Many of them barely remember what it was that inspired them all those years ago.
Part of the problem is, they look around them to find satisfaction, pleasure, distraction or passing amusement, instead of retracing their steps to a time when they didn't feel so lost.
Yes, childhood is too short to perfect your art, but those early times of creative flow still serve as sign-posts for a meaningful & productive future.

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