Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being an adult makes sense when we remember what we loved to create when we were kids.

I'm a designer!
No one ever told me I should be a designer. No one encouraged me to do that when I was young.
No one did a personality or career profile to say I should be one. No one looked at my hundreds of drawings as a kid and said, 'You know what, most of your drawings are designs for something". (I wish they had).
No one could see it, except me. It took me a long time to work that out, even though it's obvious to me now. People knew I was good at drawing. They knew I loved to make things, but that was as far as it went.
I remember designing & making the best cubby houses of anyone I knew. I designed whole towns from small boxes on my bedroom floor.
I did go to college to become a Commercial Artist. Later I even called myself a Graphic Designer. I had a career as a Graphic Designer. But some how, I was more than a Graphic Designer, but what? I didn't know what that 'what' was.
Then I thought I should be an Industrial or product designer, or an inventor, but I couldn't see how I would be able to make 5% of all the things I would love to make.
Now I know that I am a Designer of Everything! I'll even design people if they let me.
You too will understand yourself better if you remember the things you loved to make or do when you were a kid. Do you remember what they were?

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