Friday, March 25, 2011

Never let admiration turn into envy.


We live in a society that admires only a few professions more than all the others, and admires only the top 5% of people working in those professions.
They're easy to admire. Everyone else does. They're the actors & musicians and other entertainers. We admire their work. We admire their popularity. We admire their success. We admire their wealth. So most people only admire 25% of who they are.
Then we look at our life. We find ourselves in the "Everyone else" basket.
But when we start to admire the success more than their work, envy creeps in. We know they are ridiculously over payed for what they do, but we still can't help comparing ourslives to theres.
We can start to resent the grossly uneven distribution of rewards that are given.
But envy is a barrier to self-discovery and work satisfaction. If we know the work we love to do, & we can see it going somewhere, then that is the real success.

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