Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yes, we are all born creative. It's just that we are all creative in different ways.


So many people look at creativity as a very narrow definition. They say to themselves that they aren't creative. Meaning, they can't draw, can't sing, can't play music, can't write books and can't act.
Firstly, I believe that most people can do at least one of these with a little direction. Most people have a hidden talent for something, even if they think they don't.
People don't think they have a natural talent for something, generally they look at well known creative people and think they aren't like them. So they assume they don't have any talent at all.
But we are all born creative. Often the most creative thing anyone has ever done is to combine two things that they were interested in. That way they became creative in a highly original way.
Our different  personalities define the different ways we choose to create, and the different areas we are attracted to. People approach problems and tasks differently. Some focus on every detail. Some focus on multiple solutions. Some focus on how best to meet the needs of people. Some work best in groups and some like to do most of their work in solitude.
When you know your personality better, you will know that you are creative, just creative in your own way.

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