Monday, March 7, 2011

I can feel like a care free child any time I like. I just draw.

Drawing must be one of the first things I child creates that is preserved.
So of my earliest memories is of me drawing. I loved drawing. I drew even when I wasn't ment to.
I drew on everything. I don't remember drawing on the walls but I was probably told off for it a few times.
The thing I love about drawing is it's the way I think. It certainly helps me to think better. I think in pictures. I love the fact that a drawing becomes a hard copy of my imagination. I can look as it decades later and still get the same feelings I got when I first drew it.
It still has a lot of advantages over any electronic form used to record ideas. It quick, precise, cheap and doesn't need recharging. But what it helps you to do is still amazing, and how easier it is to communicate your ideas as well.
I believe everyone can have a relationship with their chosen medium like this. Be it song writing, playing a musical instrument, photography, film making, wood work or electronics. It needs to be the way you enjoy expressing yourself. It need to say something to you and about you. You need to see the beauty in it. You need to enjoy the process. It need to be like play.
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