Thursday, March 10, 2011

I wonder how many adults suffer from a lack of creative self expression?


I can guess that at some point in most people's lives they suffer from a lack of creative expression or self expression.
Like any condition, there are obvious symptoms: Job dissatisfaction, restlessness, lack of enthusiasm or motivation, indecisiveness, prone to imitate well known people or maybe having a mid-life crisis.
Any one of these symptoms can be contributed to other things but together they point to an internal battle.
A battle between their personality & dreams, against their career direction & other external factors.
I'm no Psychologist but there are things that makes every unique heart sing & things that don't.
Without a way to express yourself in a positive way, you can be suffering from a kind of emotional malnutrition. So feed your soul. Find the form of expression that suits you. You probably remember what that was.

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