Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I remember the art supplies I got 1st day of school. It was like Christmas. (Other kids were crying).


Do you remember your first day at school. I do.
But first, before I started school, my dad made sure I always had I good supply of butchers paper and crayons to keep me occupied. (I guess is was a good baby sitter for me).
So on my first day of school, every student got a pile of books (blank paper!!!) and stationary (art stuff!!!).
I remember sitting at my desk looking at this big pile of stuff in front of me. I thought it was pretty close to Christmas.
I couldn't understand why some of the other kids were crying. I thought school was a place to draw with other kids. Of course I was in for a rude shock but part of me always assumed that school was still a place to draw with other kids. And that didn't change in High school either.
We are all shaped by our earliest impressions. Even if they were technically wrong. We all have a first love; that time when we first drew something or made something we were happy with. What was it for you? Was it the first time you stood in front of an easel? Or the first time you walked into an art class? Or the first time you made music?
We all had a moment like that. We love to do certain types of work because it was more like play to us.

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