Friday, March 18, 2011

A successful artist remembers their child-like play & curiosity.


It's a good exercise to look back at your childhood and remember the things you loved to do. Was it visual art or music or acting or writing?  Was it organising or helping others?
There was something you did naturally and willingly.
How you played tells you something about yourself. What you were most curious about tells you something about the way you're wired.
Some of the most fundamental things about yourself reveal themselves at an early age. Too often those things are left far behind, never given another thought. But if you rewind to those early times, you find a few surprises.
Once you've been there, bring back what you've learnt. Use it as a foundation on which to plan your ideal work. You can draw a lot of inspiration from your past, without wishing you were back their again. Create your future. Imagining what future you want is as powerful as remembering the things that revealed who you are today.

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