Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Your only duty is to do what you are uniquely made to do.


Many times I wanted to do two completely opposite things at the same time. I had the enthusiasm but no process for making decisions. The only constant I had, was my desire to be creative, but again, doing what? So many options, so little time to explore them. The real problem was, I didn't know how I was made.
Plus I had responsibilities to be at places at certain times, and to do things I didn't care for. I needed to work.
'Duty' is a concept that can take over your whole life if you let it. At least, having a sense of duty.
The Chinese seem to have a strong concept of Duty built into their culture. Many children have a duty to go and work in a factory hundreds of kilometres aways so they can send some money back to help support their parents. Often only seeing there family once a year. Its hard for me to imagine having this expectation places on me.
I watched a documentary about a chinese family where the adult children organised a birthday party for their mother at a restaurant. The mother didn't smile once the whole night. She probably thought that it was her children's duty to honour her as a thank you for raising them.
I went to a Chinese wedding like that. The new mother in law didn't smile all day.
I went to a chinese restaurant once. After the meal I told the waiter that the food was excellent. He look at me and said. "Thank you, It's our duty".
In a western culture, we have a different relationship to Duty. Its more of a volunteer thing. We give ourselves in duty to the country or serve as a trained protector of the community.
We all have a duty of care to our family & people who need our help, but apart from that, our main duty is to do what we are uniquely made to do. To use our talents that we have to the best standard we can. To only work in areas that are compatible with our personality, and to make the dream in us come true. Anything more than that just complicates life.

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