Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creativity, Play & Love seem to be facets of the same thing.

Creativity. Play. Love. All these words are verbs. Action words.
They're not feelings. They're not labels on separate boxes. They work best when they work together.
Creativity is the love of playing with different combinations.
Play is the love of creating opportunities for your imagination to escape.
Love is creating playful ways to share with others in a practical way.
Creative people love to create new experiences for others. Play works best when it is shared, and Love is the motivation to do many great things.
If you take one of them away, the other two quickly become ineffective.
The desire to love someone comes naturally, but we need to create ways to express that love in new ways and in different circumstances. We need to create the means to provide for who we love. We need to create the atmosphere and the environment for it.
We need to create an environment where we can play with the possibilities of our chosen form of expression.
So go and find work you can love. It will seen like play to you. And show your love through what you create.

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