Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I had two escapes as a kid: TV & Drawing. One was an inlet. The other, an outlet

The reasons I needed to escape is another story, but I had unknowingly developed these two coping mechanisms early in life. Like most kids, I was naturally curious about the world around me. Television seemed to have everything a young hungry mind could want. I could go almost anywhere (else) just by changing the channel.
I was so hungry for the outside world that I would often get up very early and watch the test pattern until the morning programs started. Then I'd watch cartoons & re-runs until it was time to get myself to school.
My other great escape was drawing, and making things. What I was really doing was using my imagination with a pencil & paper. Like TV, I could immerse myself in it for hours at a time.
I would literally zone out so much that I could hear people talking to me. I was in total creative flow.
We all need to experience these times, being totally absorbed in something creative, artistic or something we enjoy learning or doing better. Too many people grow up with no worthy escape. They have no escape plan. Everyone needs to know what their escape from their normal responsibilities is.
Everyone has a personality & desire to work at something they love. Even if they don't yet know what that is.

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